By henrybroxson, Sep 25 2015 09:04AM


Still no response regarding the inspection. It appears they are burying their heads under the bonnet. We hope they get wet like V.W did. Their dirty secret is now out.

Everybody who has seen our video and the motorchannels video" motorhomes for justice", wonder how they got away with it for so long. They are also amazed that Fiat have not fixed the design.

We have all our retirement now in which to warn all motor home owners and van drivers who are on a Fiat Ducato chassis about this design fault.

Hopefully, other people will do the same. It is shocking that this fault is costing customers thousands of pounds.

The dealers,suppliers and Fiat should compensate all customers or some motoring authority should step in as happened with V.W.

Please see the latest shocking video-----

Fiat Ducato van 2013. Listen to the sighs from this german man and saying 'Kaput' meaning broken. At least we know we are all in the same boat, pity it is letting water in.

We have more videos

Watch this BLOG.

We would like to thank everyone for your support.

By henrybroxson, Sep 18 2015 09:05AM

The Motorhome Channel:

approx. 24,100 views. Petition started in 2007. It obviously hasn’t worked. BUMPER STICKERS MIGHT WORK.

The manufacturers and dealers may take some notice then!


Thanks for your support, we will keep you posted.

By henrybroxson, Sep 11 2015 02:56PM

Well, it is almost three weeks since the inspection by Camper uk's appointed engineer. We now call the motorhome "Titanic, the rusting hulk", as it has been sitting on the drive now for ten months, unused since November 2014. This is when we reported the water ingress.

During the inspection, I asked the Fiat technician why they had placed a cover over the battery. I explained to him that it had been put there to prevent the water ingress from causing the battery to boil and acid falling onto the brake pads.

I also informed him that I had seen reports of airbags deploying while driving and throttles sticking on full, also while driving.

These are all safety issues caused by the water ingress and are the reason I no longer trust the motorhome.I explained that the water is now in the wiring harness and electrical components and will have caused considerable damage.

I asked him that if he had bought a new house and the roof leaked and N.H.B.C. inspected it telling him that they had a modification for this which entailed covering all their belongings in the attic with plastic, would he accept this. He made no comment.

I then told him that by covering the engine, battery ,ECU and throttle control unit, it would only result in deflecting the water onto other components and it would still cause damage.I told him that they would sell more units if they "mended the roof" i.e. the scuttle.

I still find it hard to believe that their designers have not rectified this after eight years of problems for motorhome owners.

By henrybroxson, Aug 22 2015 02:40PM

I would like to thank people for their support. However, I have closed down my forum as I know there a lot of upset people out there and I didn't want any derogetory remarks to be made on the forum as I have seen on many other forums. However, please feel free to keep up with my blog, I will try to update it as much as possible. The caravan is working out great. We can now have holidays again. We take it away for a week at a time now to CL sites. I do, however, miss my motorhome as it was far easier to move on to new destinations each day and much better to handle e.g. water, winding legs down, hooking up etc.etc. Let's hope this gets resolved soon. The latest news I have is that Camper UK, Fiat and Elite Inspections are coming to examine the motor home. We are hoping that this will lead to some form of resolution after 9 months of waiting for something constructive to happen.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks once again for all your support.

Harry and Beryl

By henrybroxson, Jul 16 2015 11:01AM

I had water in the engine bay that caused the fan belt to squill, I was told by Marquis that it was a common fault and had to get used to it. I was also told to spray the fan belt every so often and this stops it temporarily. I kicked up a fuss and old them to fix it under the warranty, Marquls have adopied the attitute towards the problem because they are getting their company vehicles done now. I think he chain has realised that there is money to be made through the warranty.

By henrybroxson, Jul 16 2015 10:44AM

Hi JimE I noticed this problem as soon as we took our new ducato home but thanks for the reminder. Its not the rust that I was really worried about but the water getting into the wiring loom and the connections under the bonnet, I intended to have a look to see if I can do something about it but, as it's stored inside I had forgotten about it thanks.

By henrybroxson, Jul 16 2015 10:32AM ngineCompartment-Water-lngress/rt/309653/

The problem of rainwater getting into the engine bay of Peugeot Boxer X250's seems to have been known about for some time - see this link:

The water overflows from the scuttle and settleson top of the engine block causing the glow plugs and other compenentsto rust. Paugeot say this is only cosmetic but over the lifetime of a motorhome, I am not convinced.

Has anyone had an engine cover fitted to resolve this problem - if so by whom?

By henrybroxson, Jul 16 2015 10:19AM

Fiat 3lt injector cover


Had my 3lt injector cover fitted without requesting it and decided to remove it to see if the injectors had been de rusted and wax oiled. It appears my Fiat agent thought they could fit the cover instead of carrying out the remedial work. A word of caution for all Fiat 3lt owners still suffering water ingress, the cover is actually 3mm shorter than required so all the ingress water now channels along the top of the cover and pours directly onto injector 4. You can only see this if you remove the cover. This can be done by pulling the cover up sharply, as it’s located on three press studs.

Water ingress (ongoing) is only one of the many faults we have suffered. Others include air bag failure, horn failure, start-up thud, reversing judder, re sprayed metallic paint to wings and bonnet, squeaky brakes, three recalls outstanding on day of collection, unknown banging on acceleration on tight right turns, dented bonnet by Fiat main agent (whilst trying miserably to fix the water ingress) and finally major oil pump failure on return from our second outing. We have therefore decided to reject this appalling vehicle. It really is a disgrace that in this day and age we should have to put up with such poor design and build quality. This little devil has been back to the Fiat agent three times, once on the back of a breakdown truck and spent eleven days undergoing repair in our two months of ownership.

I feel a moral obligation to make sure all potential purchasers of this base vehicle know of its appalling design and build quality. We have experienced more problems with this base vehicle in two months of ownership, than in our previous 18 years of motorhoming.