Motorhome Inspection

By henrybroxson, Sep 11 2015 02:56PM

Well, it is almost three weeks since the inspection by Camper uk's appointed engineer. We now call the motorhome "Titanic, the rusting hulk", as it has been sitting on the drive now for ten months, unused since November 2014. This is when we reported the water ingress.

During the inspection, I asked the Fiat technician why they had placed a cover over the battery. I explained to him that it had been put there to prevent the water ingress from causing the battery to boil and acid falling onto the brake pads.

I also informed him that I had seen reports of airbags deploying while driving and throttles sticking on full, also while driving.

These are all safety issues caused by the water ingress and are the reason I no longer trust the motorhome.I explained that the water is now in the wiring harness and electrical components and will have caused considerable damage.

I asked him that if he had bought a new house and the roof leaked and N.H.B.C. inspected it telling him that they had a modification for this which entailed covering all their belongings in the attic with plastic, would he accept this. He made no comment.

I then told him that by covering the engine, battery ,ECU and throttle control unit, it would only result in deflecting the water onto other components and it would still cause damage.I told him that they would sell more units if they "mended the roof" i.e. the scuttle.

I still find it hard to believe that their designers have not rectified this after eight years of problems for motorhome owners.

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