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By henrybroxson, Jul 16 2015 10:19AM

Fiat 3lt injector cover


Had my 3lt injector cover fitted without requesting it and decided to remove it to see if the injectors had been de rusted and wax oiled. It appears my Fiat agent thought they could fit the cover instead of carrying out the remedial work. A word of caution for all Fiat 3lt owners still suffering water ingress, the cover is actually 3mm shorter than required so all the ingress water now channels along the top of the cover and pours directly onto injector 4. You can only see this if you remove the cover. This can be done by pulling the cover up sharply, as it’s located on three press studs.

Water ingress (ongoing) is only one of the many faults we have suffered. Others include air bag failure, horn failure, start-up thud, reversing judder, re sprayed metallic paint to wings and bonnet, squeaky brakes, three recalls outstanding on day of collection, unknown banging on acceleration on tight right turns, dented bonnet by Fiat main agent (whilst trying miserably to fix the water ingress) and finally major oil pump failure on return from our second outing. We have therefore decided to reject this appalling vehicle. It really is a disgrace that in this day and age we should have to put up with such poor design and build quality. This little devil has been back to the Fiat agent three times, once on the back of a breakdown truck and spent eleven days undergoing repair in our two months of ownership.

I feel a moral obligation to make sure all potential purchasers of this base vehicle know of its appalling design and build quality. We have experienced more problems with this base vehicle in two months of ownership, than in our previous 18 years of motorhoming.


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