By henrybroxson, Jul 10 2015 07:52PM

hi mr n mrs broxon.

My wife and i are retired and we have been looking at motor homes,to do the same as you,travel around the country at leisure.After viewing the appalling sight of the water streaming down through the scuttle.The water ingress into the brake fluid reservoir alone is a safety hazard,lowering the boiling point of the brake fluid.Heaven forbid the outcome of heavy breaking,ie brake fade!! This is a sorry sight for such an expensive vehicle !!!! my wife and i think you should have a full refund plus compensation for the stress this has put on both of you.This vehicle is not fit for purpose.After seeing the problems you are having we have decided not to buy a motor home especially not a fiat / ducato. hope you have success in getting matter sorted .

Mr n Mrs Bennett.

By henrybroxson, Jul 10 2015 07:51PM

James Davison

Absolutely shocking that companies as big as these can sell products like this, they should be fined. I hope you get your money back then some for the stress they have caused. i for one will be spreading the word.



By henrybroxson, Jul 10 2015 07:49PM


I have a 2012 Rollerteam Autoroller 707. It has a drainpipe on the far right where your leaks are pouring over the engine/electrics.

It is a small bore pipe that needed the grommet sealing. It is also prone to blocking with debris, it is routed into the wheel well.

It would cost a few £s to replace pence if you doit yourself. I've also fitted mudflaps and had the chassis treated with Shutze as things underneath were starting to go rusty,

A Burstner Ixeo 726 is top of the list of 1 for our next van but those pictures make me think twice, especially as I was offered a derisory trade in value for a van that wants for nothing,

Truly shocked at what I've seen here.