At present the links below are disabled for the forensic engineers report. We paid for the report to be produced following a long period of dispute with the dealer.


We were tired of trying to argue our case and prove the faults to the dealer. The faults highlighted in the report are significant. The biggest being the water ingress into the engine. This is the main area of our dispute and so far it is being ignored by Fiat, Burstner and Camper UK.


The fault has been evident on these vehicles for years and still these companies are selling them. They are knowingly selling faulty goods and goods not fit for purpose.


Unfortunately at present we cannot share the report due to the ongoing legal dispute. We have to hold this back since it may harm our case and we may not be able to use it if the case goes to court after being publicised.


Please feel free to leave you thoughts on our blog.

Ferensic Engineer Report
Supporting photographs and notes

  • 6.1 I have carried out a detailed examination of the motorhome purchased by the Claimant and considered the history of defects and the attempts at rectification.

  • 6.2 Having done so, it is my considered opinion that the motorhome purchased by the Claimant is neither fit for purpose nor of satisfactory quality."        

Conclusion and comments made by John Dabek (B.Eng. (Hons), FIMI AAE MSAE)...